Discover Hypnosis for Personal Success
• Can't seem to sleep?
• Not eating right?
• No motivation to exercise?
• Started smoking again?

Let's face it, life is stressful. How would you like to learn a simple, effective self-hypnosis technique that will leave you feeling calm, peaceful, tranquil and relaxed - at any time, in any situation? Discover how hypnosis has many tools that can facilitate your life. In particular, learn how to:

• Change your inner critic to your inner coach
• Use self -hypnosis to enhance self-esteem
• Release the past and to stay in the present moment

Santa Cruz Hypnosis with Kayla Garnet Rose, PhD
As a hypnotist, Kayla Garnet Rose acts as a guide to facilitate your inner explorations. Hypnotherapy allows you to use the best of your natural ability to change anything you would like.

• Hypnosis sessions can be focused on a particular issue, or a generalized overview of your current life situation. When you are ready - to quit smoking, to lose weight, to manage anger, or just to release stress - discover how hypnosis can benefit you.
• Hypnotherapy sessions can be used to learn more about your own inner workings, build resources, practice new habits, and how to make hypnosis work for you, in all aspects of your life.
Past Life regressions can reveal deep seated patterns, insights into current relationships and ways of being, and an opportunity to tap into ancestral knowledge to create wisdom in the here and now.

Dream Work explores the messages coming from deep within the psyche, allows for safe resolution of nightmares, and is a rich source for creative inspiration.

Yelp Review: I have worked with Kayla as my hypnotherapist and I highly recommend her.  She is extremely knowledgeable and highly effective.  She is excellent at what she does! - Beth Dorsey, Licensed Acupuncturist

Hypnosis is effective for:
  • Reducing stress, channeling anxiety into productivity, and affirming confidence.

  • Managing your emotions rather than having your emotions manage you.

  • Inviting relaxation and enjoying mental vacations, as well as improving memory and focus.

  • Changing old habits by recognizing what true need can be met in a healthier way.

  • Accelerating healing through working with the mindbody connection.

  • Accessing inner guides, honing intuition, and deepening meditation practices.

  • Shifting paradigms: change your inner critic to your Inner Coach and experience wholehearted encouragement. 

  • Quit Smoking for Good: Discover the deeper purpose behind smoking and how to fulfill that purpose in a new, healthier, deeply satisfying way. Because all of this is happening in your own mind, it is always the perfect right solution for you... (click here for more on the Quit Smoking for Good program).
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to discover how hypnotherapy can be beneficial for you!
    Yelp Review: I did a hypnotherapy session with Kayla when I found myself at a crossroads in my work. Kayla led me through a process of discovering what really motivated me and it was immediately helpful! Kayla's technique is all about guiding you to make discoveries for yourself. The insights I gained have been profoundly valuable to me in making important choices since then. Kayla is very experienced and well informed as a hypnotherapist, and really helped me understand the process before we ever started. I highly recommend her to anyone considering hypnotherapy. -Chip Chapin, San Jose, CA

    Consultation fees:
    • Individual 90 minute sessions $125
    • Individual 60 minute sessions, $95 (Students/Seniors $85)
    • Individual 30 minute sessions, $60

    • Prepay 3 regular sessions for $270 (save $15)
    • Prepay 5 sessions for $425 (save $50)
    • Prepay 10 sessions for $795 (save $155)

    Consultation Fees
    Fees are good for any service. 


    Click here for a short video on Discovering Hypnosis with Kayla Garnet Rose, PhD
    Yelp Review: I did hypno-birthing with Kayla to prepare for my labor in the sense of keeping a smooth, calmed mindset and managing pain. We did four sessions and in them each time my mind was able to get even more in-touch with my inner self. At 39 weeks I found out I had not dropped yet and had no dilation, so I did a hypnosis session with Kayla focused on allowing the baby to drop and get ready for delivery. The next two nights I did self hypnosis and when I went to the doctor she had dropped and I was well on her way with dilation. Kayla offers a truly incredible talent and result and I HIGHLY recommend her to EVERYONE!!! -Jennalee Dahlen, Santa Cruz, CA

    Hypnosis FAQs

    • Q: What is hypnosis and how does it work? A: Hypnosis is a very natural process of entering a state of deep relaxation. This helps your subconscious mind become more attentive, receptive to suggestion, and open to change. All hypnosis is really self-hypnosis. Over a series of hour long sessions, Kayla will guide you to master an ability you already have. Once you have learned how to enter and use your trance state, you can use it to change aspects of your behavior and achieve your desired goals.

    •  Q: How can I be sure I can be hypnotized? A: You enter some form of hypnosis several times a day, like when you are driving and pass your turn-off because you haven't been paying attention, or being absorbed in a good book. Everyone goes through natural, altered states before they fall asleep, and as they come into wakefulness. During your session you are aware, not asleep, and in touch with your core values and beliefs. It is easy to communicate and it is easy to come out it - you are always in control.

    •  Q: How many sessions will I need? A: Resolving your issue will depend on the issue itself, as well as on your commitment to change. Typically, you will know within 3 sessions whether Hypnotherapy is effective for you. Sessions may be recorded for home practice.

    •  Q: How often should I schedule sessions? A: The goal is to teach you simple, effective self hypnosis techniques. Depending on the client's motivation and commitment to change, some clients visit each week, some monthly, others come as often as they see fit to address their needs. 
    •  Q: How can hypnosis help me to quit smoking? A: Smoking is an interesting habit- people quit smoking for as many reasons as they started smoking, and hypnosis is helpful in changing any habit. Hypnotherapy allows you to discover the deeper purpose behind smoking and how to fulfill that purpose in a new, healthier, deeply satisfying way. Because all of this is happening in your own imagination, it is always the perfect right solution for you. 
    •  Q: What else should I do? A: Drink water; Practice what you learn in sessions, especially the self-hypnosis technique; Keep a journal; Balance work and play; Breathe deep; Check in with other healers for a holistic experience - ask for a referral for any service you may need at this time.   

    • Q. How well does hypnosis work for habit cessation? A. Just as people develop habits for many different reasons, people also desire to stop their habits for just as many reasons. Through a combination of guided imagery and regression healing, you will find changing your habits easy and with long term results.    

    • Q. What is Hypnosis used for? A. Anytime you would like to feel focused, have a goal to achieve, or want to check in with your deeper self. Whether accessing your inner coach for true motivation, or inner couch for deep relaxation, discover how hypnosis can serve you. 
    Yelp Review:  I have been going to Kayla Garnet Rose for approximately two years and have used most of her services, including self hypnosis, reiki, and tarot.  She is an insightful and understanding healer and has helped me with several personal issues.  I would recommend Ms. Rose for any of her services and especially her hypnosis.  I will be continuing to use her services in the future.- Minda Lee, Santa Cruz, CA