Kayla Garnet Rose, PhD,
Certified Hypnotherapist, Santa Cruz
Are YOU ready to:

Release any old patterns, unwanted habits, past griefs, emotional blocks or mental stagnation?

Learn how to manage stress, reduce anxiety, act with with more confidence and experience inner calm?

Create positive change in your life, live with more intention, improve health and energy, and enjoy prosperity and abundance?

Train with an experienced professional who will guide your inner explorations and encourage your process in creating successful personal solutions?

If the answer is yes, then hypnotherapy is right for you! Simply a form of guided meditation, hypnosis is a gentle yet effective way to tap into your inner wisdom, enhance visualizations, and feel empowered by being in a relaxed, focused state of concentration where you are in control of your life once more.

Maybe you are in transition: mid-life crisis, Saturn Return, going through divorce, major career change, or just deciding to really look at your life and all that would make you healthier, happier and satisfied.

You're thinking about quitting smoking, shedding a few pounds, or a few tears. You're needing some deep relaxation, a mental massage or would like to have better emotional ergonomics. You are willing to set goals, make a plan, and follow through to achieve what you truly desire. This is the time to release the past and tap back into your willpower.

Now you are ready for change. Come experience insights for personal growth and transformation while receiving the heartfelt encouragement you need. Kayla Garnet Rose, PhD, is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Reiki Master. Since 1990 she has been guiding people through their deepest dreams, facilitating their process and helping to fulfill their most heartfelt visions. Here's what others have to say:

"An exceptional spirit of fine intellect and a unique healer. She is of unwavering character and an adventurous explorer of human experience." - Larry Atwell, Morgan Hill on Facebook

"Every time I feel I need a little extra boost in my life I know I can count on Kayla to be able to help me. She is able to quickly identify where my real problem lies and can guide me to more than one viable solution. I love going through the hypnotherapy sessions with her... I always come away with a new refreshing discovery about myself." - Lisa Carter, Santa Cruz LinkedIn

"I have been seeing Kayla for a few months now and continue to be very impressed with her services. She is very experienced, professional, and can accurately help and provide invaluable insights to improve your life... All her services are on the spot. She is kind welcoming, and will help you obtained the answers you are looking for. Very clean comfortable environment as well." - Alleyne H. Long, Santa Cruz on Google+

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Let's face it, life is stressful. How would you like to learn a simple, effective self-hypnosis technique that will leave you feeling calm, peaceful, tranquil and relaxed - at any time, in any situation? Whether you have a fear of flying or a spider phobia, relationship stress or plain old insomnia, discover how hypnosis can enhance your life. In particular, learn how to:
  • Change your inner critic to your inner coach
  • Use self-hypnosis to enhance self-esteem
  • Release the past, stay in the present moment and see thriving in the future
  • Overcome unwanted habits, such as smoking, overeating, nail biting and hair pulling
  • Access inner resources for self confidence, optimism, and motivation
Click here for more information on Hypnosis for Wellness for personal successful solutions. Sessions can be in person, by phone, or by video conferencing. While there are many frequently asked questions, the main one asked is: what is my first step? 

Scheduling a Consultation:
The first step is to take in a deep breath... and breathe it out! You are already on your way.

Initial consultations are 90 minutes to allow lots of time to share your story, create a plan, and leave with some useful tools right away. Follow up sessions can be 90 or 60 minutes, for deeper release, relaxation, and reinforcement. Sessions can be in person, by phone or by video conferencing. Clients are strongly encouraged to record session for home practice and reinforcement. Most smartphones have a recording app or you may want to download one before the first session.

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Angie's List Review: "I visited Kayla for hypnotherapy to help improve my overall career happiness. Kayla's approach is to guide you in various ways to find answers for yourself -- she will not tell you what to do. In my case, under hypnosis she led me to explore what aspects of my work were most satisfying to me. As result I gained some valuable and surprising insights into my own motivations. As an experienced practitioner, Dr. Rose is insightful, compassionate, encouraging and very professional. I highly recommend her for hypnotherapy." - Charles Chapin, San Jose

Yelp Review: "Kayla has my deep gratitude for answering the call to do what she does. From my first session with her, I felt as though I was thrust back into the flow of the universe, after a difficult period of feeling afloat without direction. I think what I most appreciate and respect about her is that she is a teacher; from the start, it was clear to me that she wants to help me find and be in the solution. She is completely forthcoming with a remarkable array of useful information and resources. I don't know if anyone has ever helped me more, in such a short period of time." -Clarissa B., Santa Cruz

LinkedIn Review: “I have found Dr. Rose to be a great hypnotherapist... I feel confident referring my patients to her knowing that they will be cared for and provided with quality health care.”-Dr. Zandra Rolon Amato, D.C, Q.M.E, Soquel, CA

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