Tarot Readings

Tarot as Guided Meditation
The Tarot is a personal mandala for creative contemplation

• Feeling at the crossroads?
• Need another perspective on your current situation?
• Ready to feel Wholehearted?
• Wonder what is at the root of it all?
Curious about what the cards hold for you in the coming year?

Tarot Readings can be used as a way to focus on a particular issue as well as to get a generalized view of your life situation, bringing insight to your current challenges as well as areas of support and growth. Tarot Readings reveal your current life lessons in a way that is useful to you now. A personal tarot reading can provide you with:

• Feelings of clarity, compassion and understanding
• The ability to plan ahead and move forward
Useful information you can apply right away to your situation
• A way to feel whole-hearted and integrated

Tarot Readings with Kayla Garnet Rose, PhD

• Tarot readings can be focused on a particular issue, or a generalized overview of your current life situation, as well as to learn more about your own mythic workings, and how to make these energies work for you, in all aspects of your life, whether self, health, money, communication, home, children, creativity, job. pets, relationships, sex, death, higher learning, education, career, community or more spiritual quests.

Relationship readings show the what each person brings to the relationship, as well as what challenges or lessons the two people face on their life journey together, whether as parents, partners, lovers or friends. 

Kayla is awesome to work with. She listens wholeheartedly and is helping me integrate what I know to be true for myself.  She is well versed in many different modalities and has a keen understanding of their historical context.  I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a deeper knowledge of self in relation to this world we all share. - Silvia G., Santa Cruz

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How do Tarot Readings work?
• The tarot is a meditation tool, based on a system of 78 cards, with five suits: earth water, fire, air, and aether, spirit cards, also known as the major Arcana. They follow a system based on numerology, the elements, and the human journey through the spiral of life.

• Each card has an image depicting human archetypes, a universal life lesson, shared globally - joy, grief, compassion, humility, strength, beauty, jealousy, power, etc. Each represented by different artists, and in different slightly forms:  morals, fables, fairy tales, mythology, symbols Each card tells a story, and because you have free will and you have free choice, any card you choose will have a lesson for you to apply to whatever situation you focus on. It’s like asking Grandma for advice and she tells you a story about back in the old country...

• There is comfort and wisdom in consulting the cards, because they reflect your current situation, validate the events leading up to the moment, and affirm the actions you choose as a result, for the most constructive and beneficial solution possible for the highest good.

• Each card tells a story. Seeing the cards activates your Right Brain; Hearing Kayla tell the story activates your Left Brain.This connection allows you to make the best decisions for your situation.

• Tarot provides a visual mandala that activates your inner wisdom by engaging you on a journey through human archetypes. Insight is gained by noticing the response to the life lessons that the cards reveal. It engages both your left and right brain,

Gift yourself or your partner with a deck or set, as a wonderful communication tool that will enhance any relationship - especially during the tougher times. Pulling a card together puts you in alignment to see the real challenge, and how to create a win win situation. There are lots of decks to choose from - pick the one that speaks to your heart and that you will truly enjoy using.

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I love Kayla. I originally came for just a tarot reading, and left with way more than I expected. Her wisdom and insights were amazing. I have since been back for a birth chart reading, a chakra balancing, and a couple of guided meditations including a past life regression. All I can say is, "wow" - you want to work with Kayla if you can.- Donna B, Soquel, California

Private Tarot Lessons: Journey Through the Tarot 
with Kayla Garnet Rose, PhD

Want to know just what's in the cards, for you or your friends? Whether a complete beginner or already an experienced reader, come to a series of refreshing classes to learn the tarot. 

Topics include:
• The importance of play
• Basic numerology
• The five elements
• Major and Minor Arcana
Intuition and storytelling
• A variety of card layouts

Personal Enrichment Programs: 10 week basic classes to Year and a Day apprenticeship programs available. Email for more information.
Consultation fees:
  • Individual 90 minute sessions $125
  • Individual 60 minute sessions, $95 (Students/Seniors $85)
  • Individual 30 minute sessions, $60

• Prepay 3 regular sessions for $270 (save $15)
• Prepay 5 sessions for $425 (save $50)
• Prepay 10 sessions for $795 (save $155)

Consultation Fees
Fees are good for any service. 


"I really got a lot out of Kayla's class "Journey Through the Tarot". I was actually looking for an astrology class when I found this class on the internet. I learned a lot about the tarot, numerology and even some astrology. I highly recommend Kayla as a teacher, she's engaging, funny and very knowledgeable, I looked forward to my class every week! I'm now more than capable of doing tarot readings and I'm really enjoying it. Thanks so much Kayla!" - Lanee Bucholz, Santa Cruz